Foundation-Tribute Gifts

Special Gifts for the Library District

Gifts Honoring the Memory of:

Rest in Peace Jennifer Jocelyn Bates from Nancy J Hodges

Yehuda Matalon from Renant Matalon

Charlie Reed from Jacqueline Messina

Raymon Abitia (aka Smokey) from Leslie Valdes

Joan Adams, former Library Board Trustee, from Jack M. Hobusch,Jr.

Farincee Boykin from her sister, Erie Boykin

Vera Bopp from Roger and Linda Andersen

Carl DeBerardinis from his wife, Roberta Sue DeBerardinis

Tiffany Barnette, Cougar Dorchak and Murphy Kelly from Deb Dorchak

Carol Chambers, from Geoff Lawrence

Mark R. Cole from Ann Pongracz

Judithe R. Dorscher from her husband, John S. Dorscher

Judy Mae Dill from Samantha Shannon

Willie Heitzinger from Kathleen Vanerstrom

Thomas Hodges from Nancy Hodges

Simhan Lyengar from Prabha Lyengar-Cox

Jeannette “Jet” Mitchell from Henri Cuddihy and Timothy Batterson

Tom Morris from Diana Morris

Lily Rosalind Patrick from Danielle Milam

John Pope from Edwin Jones

Sam Pontier from Pedro Vazquez

Angela M. Sady from Joseph Chapman

Virginia E. Shau from Andrew Shau and Kristina Fontana

Jane Simcox from Patricia Watters

Harold Smeade from Patricia Petrone

Jean Spiller, retired school librarian, from Diane Eskew

Jeffrey and Joyce Sudds from Marilyn Shorter

Darwin Shapiro from Isabelle Laporta

My beloved Paul from Cornel Ocneanu

Rachel Parasa from Angela Poole

Paul from Cornel Ocneanu

Larry Lochridge from Melvina Donovan

Sunetra Schuchard from Molly Carson

Gifts in Honor of:

John Dye from Mark & Ann McQueen

The Papa Trio from Anastasia Papakiristis

Kelvin Watson from the Public Library Association Board

Dr. Ron Heezen from Richard Passo

Pasquale Pellecchia from his wife Barbara and children Pamela and Michael

Monika Bertaki from Paul Gully

Vera Bopp from Roger Andersen

Isabel Boylan from Mr. and Mrs. Julius and Lillian Kollar

Dennis Clive Cobb and Colleen Sisley from Tom and Dora Gordon and Robin and Jemma Cobb

Olga Erbe from Seth Erbe

Frank K. Gibbs from Mr. and Mrs. Tschudy

Jeanne D. Goodrich from Sue Epstein, Sari Feldan, Susan Hildreth, Diane Mayo, Vaioley Oehlke, Neel Parikh and Joan Frye Williams for her excellent service as Executive Director of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District 2009-2014

Leon Graczyk from Doree Graczyk

Tom and Bonnie Lawyer from Ms. Debbie Gregory

Anne Mazzola from Chaka Crome

Eric Marin from Leon R. McKittrick

Dave McNavish from Dan McNavish

My 3 wonderful grandchildren from Ellen Fischman

Carolyn Sakamoto from Devon Sakamoto

Keith Thomsen

Gary and Linda Vause from Gail Miller

All the little story time voices that will someday sing to their own tune from Ms. Karen Devlin

Robert W. Van Norman from Sara Van Norman

Future Reader SS from Andrea Candara

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