Free Branch WiFi Guidelines

Use is subject to the District's Internet and Wireless Use Policy and Library Rules of Conduct.

Things to know before you begin:

  • You must have your own wireless device with a WiFi network card built-in or installed.
  • You are responsible for knowing how to configure your own equipment and how to access wireless networks through your own device's operating system. Library staff cannot configure, diagnose or modify equipment.
  • Patrons under 18 are subject to the same rules governing Internet access by minor children using District computers. Patrons under 18 are required to use the network "Library WiFi ages 17 and under" unless they have a signed parental permission slip on file in the library allowing access to computers in the adult areas of the library.
  • Patrons under 18 who have parental approval on file must use their wireless devices in the adult areas of the library.
  • The Library District is not responsible for any damage to personal equipment or software that may occur as a result of using the District's wireless network. It is highly recommended that you use anti-virus, firewall software, and updated patches when accessing the District's wireless network.

General information for all systems:

  • All wireless standards are supported (802.11 a, ac, b, g and n).
  • Please set your computer to obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP). This setting can be found in your wireless card properties settings.
  • Signal strength will vary depending upon your location in the building. You may need to relocate for optimum signal strength.
  • The speed you will experience is determined by a number of variables including proximity to the access point and the number of users on the system.

To log on:

  • Open your wireless settings.
  • Select the appropriate network to connect. Persons under the age of 18 must select "Library WiFi ages 17 and under." Persons 18 or older may select either "Library WiFi ages 17 and under" or "Library WiFi ages 18 and over".
  • Please follow the directions on the screen to continue to access the Internet.
  • Before connecting to the internet, you will be asked to accept the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District's Internet and Wireless Use Policy.
  • You will be redirected to www.thelibrarydistrict.org, and you are now connected to the Internet.
  • Click your browser's "Home" button, if your "Home" page does not display, click "Home" button again. Continue this step until your home page appears.

Internet access

Filtering technology limits access to content that is consistent with the collection practices the Library District follows when purchasing print and other library materials for young people, in addition to adhering to the requirements set forth in NRS 201.265.

The filtering database is updated nightly. However, because millions of web pages are added and changed on the Internet every day, it is impossible for any filtering software to identify and block all intended websites. It is also possible for the filtering software to mistakenly block a website that should not be blocked. If a site has been blocked in error, staff is able to correct this problem.

Persons 18 or over may access either "Library WiFi ages 17 and under" or "Library Wi-Fi ages 18 and over".

Children and youth through age 17 are required to use "Library WiFi ages 17 and under" access to the Internet on their wireless device.

Categories of Filtered Sites

The types of sites filtered include those that provide information about, promote, or support the sale of weapons and related items; that feature or promote violence or bodily harm, including self-inflicted harm; or that gratuitously display images of death, gore, or injury; or that feature images or descriptions that are grotesque or frightening and of no redeeming value; dating and other interpersonal sites; sites that provide information about, promote, or support the sale of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products or associated paraphernalia; sites that promote the denigration of racial groups, the denigration or subjection of groups, or the superiority of any group; sites that provide information about or promote illegal or questionable access to or use of computer or communication equipment, software, or databases; sites for web chat; sites that provide instruction in or promote criminal behavior or the avoidance of prosecution; sites that provide information about or promote gambling or support online gambling, involving a risk of losing money; sites that promote or provide information about the use of prohibited drugs, except marijuana, or the abuse or unsanctioned use of controlled or regulated drugs; also, paraphernalia associated with such use or abuse; sites with adult content, nudity and sex.

Which Las Vegas-Clark County Library District libraries offer wireless technology?

The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District offers downloadable eBooks, hundreds of research databases, online homework help with live tutors, and much, much more. We welcome your comments. Let us know about your experience with our wireless service. Email us at ask@thelibrarydistrict.org or call 702 507 6300.

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