50th Anniversary of Hip Hop


Celebrate With Us!

Celebrate With Us!

This year on August 11, 2023, the world will come together to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop music! This is when trailblazing DJ Kool Herc broke down barriers during his now legendary back-to-school party in The Bronx! To celebrate this important art form and milestone, the Library District will host free concerts, interactive learning programs for Kids, Teens, and Adults; screen important documentaries and hip hop cinema; share curated staff picks from our collection; plus so much more to help honor hip hop culture from around the world! And don't miss our fresh picks on hip hop culture from our vast collection, including music, movies, and books, all FREE with your library card! Don’t have your library card yet? It only takes a minute to sign up and enjoy all the amazing benefits.  

View all our upcoming 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop events & programs, as well as curated staff picks & online resources below.

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This project was made possible in part by the
Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Hip Hop Events

Classic Hip Hop Albums of the 1980s

The birth of hip hop started in the Bronx, but soon this new sound was taking over the airwaves. Check out the must-hear albums of the era.

Classic Hip Hop Albums of the 1990s

Considered the "golden era" of hip hop, check out these landmark albums that are available from our collection!

IMDB's Definitive List of Hip Hop Films

Check out classic hip hop cinema from our collection based on IMDB's rankings.

Bon Rappetite: Hip Hop Cookbooks

Add some serious style to your weekly meals with these fresh cookbooks compiled by some of your favorite hip hop artists!

Best Hip Hop Books of 2019

Okayplayer shares their favorite hip hop autobiographies of the year and we've got them for you! Captions: John Morrison

Hip Hop Storytime

These great titles for early readers help celebrate the art & culture of hip hop (digital formats available too).
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