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The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Foundation is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation that expands the programs and reach of the Library District.  Foundation efforts align with Library District goals to be a key community asset in learning, employment, and community vitality.  The Foundation attracts new resources for Library District service innovations and partnerships that improve the educational, economic, and social well-being of people and communities in southern Nevada. View our five-year overview presentation HERE and check out our photo gallery HERE to see all our FREE programs in action.

The priority innovation and partnership programs now sponsored by the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Foundation include the following:

Raising Las Vegas

The Library District Foundation works with 17 community partners to connect children ages 0-5 with brain-building resources at branch libraries, home, and a growing variety of outreach sites including WIC clinics, child care centers, school-based pre-K locations, and family nurse home visits. This initiative aims to raise the quality of childcare, raise the number of pre-school “seats” available in our community, and raise public awareness of the key links between kindergarten readiness, high school graduation, and workforce success.

Teachers in the Libraries

Working to improve school performance and provide help for struggling students, the Foundation offers a free after-school tutoring program taught by Clark County School District (CCSD) teachers and UNLV students. This program has grown from two to eight library locations in the past six years, with over 50,000 homework help sessions provided for students from 300 CCSD schools.

Teen Tech Labs

Our free Teen Tech Labs give youth from across the Vegas Valley access to new learning environments that grow the literacies of today’s economy: coding, robotics, digital media production, problem-solving, team building, peer learning, and service innovation thinking. The Teen Tech Labs have proven effective in building new skills, creating interest in pursuing tech careers, and increased confidence in working in collaborative, problem-solving environments.

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