Your Child in the Library

Welcome to the Library!

Encouraging a love for reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. A library card opens worlds of information and imagination. It teaches children a sense of responsibility for the materials we all share, and can give your child a feeling of community with other readers. We hope you will visit the library often with your child to explore the exciting world of books and enjoy the many free programs and activities the library offers each month.

Public libraries have a broad selection of materials available for everyone, including children and teenagers. We provide materials to meet the information needs of the entire community. Some of these materials may offend you and may be inappropriate for your child.

We do not restrict access to reading, listening and viewing materials based on age, and we provide equal access to library resources for all library users. As your child's parent or guardian, you are the most qualified to know which materials are appropriate for your child to check out. 

Computers with filtered Internet access are provided in all Young People's Libraries. To use a computer in the adult areas of the library, youth under 18 years of age must have parental permission.

The Library does not label materials to suggest whether or not they are appropriate for reading and viewing. Some materials may include rating labels such as PG, R, etc., that are added by publishers or distributors. While the Library chooses to keep these labels, we do not endorse these ratings.

There are books available that provide reviews and other information to help individuals and parents make informed selections. Trained library staff is also available to help. Ask for suggestions about materials that are appropriate for your child based on age, maturity level, knowledge and interests.

To ensure a great library experience for your family, please keep these key points in mind:

  • Everyone, regardless of age, may check out any library materials.
  • Take an active interest in your child's choices for reading, listening and viewing.
  • The responsibility for the materials your child checks out is left to you, the parent or guardian. Talk with your child about the kinds of materials you want him or her to borrow.
  • If you feel an item is inappropriate for your child, use this as an opportunity to express your views and provide guidance.

We encourage you to discuss with your child the kinds of materials you think are suitable for borrowing, and to go to the library with your children to guide their selections. Come visit us soon!

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