Paul C. Blau Theatre Named at Clark County Library

Constance Blau has honored the memory of her husband Paul with a generous gift of $100,000 to rename the Black Box Theater at the Clark County Library the Paul C. Blau Theatre. Ms. Blau remembers how her husband loved to go to the Clark County Library and read the newspapers and magazines. He was passionate about conversation, history, politics, the NFL, tennis, film, and theater, but most passionate about reading. Paul loved to read everything, anywhere, all the time. His family, friends, and acquaintances often heard him warn, "Be sure to take something to read!" He was a natural educator and found an opportunity in every moment to remind those around him of historical events that shaped the present. 

The Library District's Acting Deputy Director Danielle Milam told Ms. Blau, “We are so proud that the library played such a pivotal role in your husband’s vibrant life of curiosity, imagination, innovation, learning, and teaching. By providing countless organizations with a space to perform their craft, the Paul C. Blau theatre will honor the legacy of learning, laughter, and love that reflect the life of Mr. Blau.“

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