New Feature to Help Manage Your Digital Holds

What is Hold Redelivery?

Don’t you hate it when the eBook you’ve been waiting for on Overdrive's Libby app becomes available to download when you’re not ready for it? Problem solved! Starting in early March, you have a new option to suspend the hold and deliver later. When a hold becomes available, instead of automatically checking out the title, you will receive a notification to go into the app and choose between borrowing the title within three days or to deliver later while still keeping your place in line. You can now manage your hold before and after it becomes available, giving you more flexibility and control:

  • Borrow a book when you’re ready to start reading, not just when it's available.
  • Finish your current book at your own pace without the pressure of the next book being there too soon.
  • Wait times will improve because the holds queue will move more efficiently.