AnnaMarie Lao Carley, MD: Forgotten Connection

Artist Statement:  

Connection to both nature and community is essential for the human condition. Modern society has a new virtual world of instantly connecting - social media.  We are constantly bombarded by visuals of curated “ideal” experiences of what life is “supposed to be like.” This disparity between the virtual and real can make us prone to feelings of discontentment and rejection. Combine this with the years of social isolation during the pandemic, and a generalized sense of disconnectedness has taken hold. As we begin to emerge from these lost years, my hope is that we renew the value of togetherness.  In life, we will experience a broad range of human emotions — from difficult and uncomfortable to beautiful and joyful with mundane stretches in between. We should try to cross the virtual divide between us and share our vulnerabilities in person. We need human touch and nature’s grounding to form healthy connections. My hope is that my art will reflect the kinship and longing between individuals and their environments. 

Artist Biography:

Physician and Artist, Dr. AnnaMarie Lao Carley, combines her passion for medicine, nature and painting to create visually captivating compositions. 

As a child, she grew up in the midwest countryside observing, studying, and drawing from nature.  Her biggest critic, her father, would tell her “the eyes cannot see what the mind does not know.”  He would encourage her to not just draw, but study her subjects - to learn the inner workings, biology and science of her interests. Encouraged by her parents to pursue medicine, she was accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical School in 1998 where she discovered her love for human anatomy, physiology and the art of healing.  This deep appreciation for the construction of the human form both psychological and physical is evident in her work.

As a Breast/Gynecological Pathologist, Dr. Carley services the Las Vegas community by focusing on Women’s Health.  In the hospital, her tool is the microscope. Her eye is trained to discern minute details of human cells. Precise observation of cell size, shape and color is essential to accurately diagnose and sub-categorize cancer. This determines the treatment course for her patients.

At home, her tool is the paint brush.  Using the power of observation, her love of nature, and her underlying knowledge of human anatomy, Dr. Carley is able to solidly portray images which captivate the viewer and evoke emotion.  Her major artistic influences include contemporary/modern figurative artists Malcolm Liepke, Kenne Gregoire, and Anders Zorn.  

Dr. Carley is a member of the Las Vegas Artists’ Guild and her artwork has been featured at local exhibitions and galleries.  In 2016 she received two first place awards in local juried shows and received honorable mentions. She has permanent installations in Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and the Toronto Blue Jay training facility in Florida.  Her work has been showcased in published novels and she has worked on various book covers.  

On exhibit at Summerlin Library from May 30 through August 18, 2024

Gallery reception Wednesday, July 3, 2024 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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