Lee Lanier: Bold and Beautiful



The styles and subjects of my paintings have evolved over the last few years, but I find myself increasingly fascinated with tableau settings and with complex stories. Much like Medieval and Renaissance artists, I find myself weaving narratives with multiple figures and numerous symbolic objects. Although my works sometimes appear religious in nature, I’ve purposely stripped out dogma to concentrate on more universal themes. That said, the inspiration for my works generally starts with a historical, literary, and mythological character. The characters are central to each painting, although they are placed in a somewhat surreal, updated setting. My end goal to is create works of art that can be viewed multiple times while inspiring spirited conversations among groups of dissimilar viewers. Even if the viewers are not familiar with the original inspirations or do not recognize the symbolic nature of the included objects, they can come up with their own narratives. –Lee Lanier

Lee Lanier is a contemporary figurative painter who lives in Boulder City and paints in Las Vegas. His colorful paintings breathe new life into historical, literary, and mythological stories. While he’s apt to portray physical beauty, he also portrays the beauty of a strong character, a strong will, and a strong devotion to what is good in the world. His works are large, complex, and full of symbolic detail. Stylistically, he fuses Renaissance tableau and 20th century advertising illustration while working with acrylic on canvas.


On exhibit at Sahara West Library from December 16, 2021-March 5, 2022.

Reception on Thursday, February 17, from 5-7 pm.


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