Inspirations from Hayes The Jacquelyn Hayes Collection

Inspirations from Hayes is an intimate, curated collection of works by noted artists including Romare Bearden, Paul Benjamin, Grace Kisa, TAFA, and Dr. Venetta Whitaker.  The genesis for this show was informal conversations between Jacquelyn and her family.  Max Hunter (Ms. Hayes’ nephew) selected many of the pieces for this exhibition, and he titled the show. 

Ms. Hayes’ primary goal for this exhibition is to share works by talented artists with the Las Vegas community. She loves the visual arts, music, travel, and African American history.  Ms. Hayes has hosted salon shows in her home and actively mentors young people on collecting.  In addition, she has met and established relationships with many of the artists that are included in her collection.

Ms. Hayes started purchasing art after graduating from the University of Illinois’ MBA program. While working in corporate finance, she traveled extensively and visited many art museums, galleries, and exhibitions.  She was a patron at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) and an active participant in the museum’s Friends of African and African American Art auxiliary group, one of the DIA's most passionate groups.  She stated,

I remain in awe of the many extraordinarily talented black artists that have not gotten their due in our society and the art world.  It is mind blowing to know that many uber famous artists (Picasso, Miro, and Henry Moore) were protégés of Black artists and were influenced by African art and design.

A major milestone associated with her collection included the 2003 major museum exhibition at the Wright museum.  (Giclées from that show are included in this exhibit.)  The exhibition celebrated the 100-year anniversary of Ford Motor Company, and it went on to travel the country.

Both of Jacquelyn’s parents were well-known educators; her father was an executive at Johnson Publishing Company where John H. Johnson amassed a tremendous art collection. Growing up in Chicago and visiting its many museums and venues had a deep and lasting impression on her.

Ms. Hayes wants to leave a broad and deep legacy of community support and outreach starting with this curated exhibition Inspirations from HayesShe is committed to raising public awareness and appreciation of art created by people of the African Diaspora.  Having lost both parents at a young age, art and music have provided Hayes her happy place.

On exhibit at West Las Vegas Library from March 30, 2023 through May 30, 2023

Art & Sip lecture on Saturday, May 27 from 2-4 p.m.

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