Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School: Introspections and Imaginations

Introspections and Imaginations is a selection of works made during the 2022-2023 school year from each of the visual arts courses taught at Faith Lutheran. It represents works created from entry-level freshman courses and continuing through to the college-level AP art course, taken by Faith Lutheran High School seniors in the Visual Art Conservatory.

Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School is the largest Lutheran Secondary School in the United States. There are approximately 2,000 high school students at FLHS with a 30% enrollment of minorities and a 1:15 ratio of teacher to students.

There are four Visual Arts Department teachers at Faith Lutheran. They offer Advanced Drawing & Painting, Studio Art, Printmaking, AP 2D Design, Sculpture & Ceramics, Digital & Dark Room Photography as well as Graphic Design. Art students post their work to Artsonia (an online art portfolio) and AP 2D Deign students maintain a Wix website with the body of their artwork. The school has active National Junior Art Honor Society & National Art Honor Society clubs, with about 40 members in each. FLHS has a Visual Art Conservatory program where students have to be enrolled in 2 art classes each semester, maintain a B or better in those classes, draw a summer sketchbook each year, and create quarterly projects after they compete for a sport in the program. Students who successfully complete this all four years, graduate with Visual Arts Honors.

On exhibit at Sahara West Library from March 9 through April 25, 2023.

Reception: Thursday, March 9 from 5-7pm

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