Do you care about free access to eBooks?

Beginning 11/1/19, Macmillan Publishers are limiting libraries to one copy of their new eBook titles for the first eight weeks after publication. This means that on average, only THREE library customers will be able to read a new eBook in the first two months after its release.

Thankfully, Macmillan eBooks make up a small percentage of our otherwise robust catalog BUT we are worried that other publishers may adopt this policy.

For additional information and to find out how you can help fight back, please visit the American Library Association's website: 


Macmillan Publishers
Attn: John Sargent, CEO
120 Broadway Street
New York, NY 10271

Sample Letter

Dear Mr. Sargent,

I am a library user who strongly opposes Macmillan’s policy to embargo newly released eBook titles for library lending. Please partner with libraries and provide them the means to introduce and recommend books and authors to readers like me. Allow libraries to purchase new titles at reasonable prices with no limitations.