Celebrate Teen October

A Month-Long Celebration For Teens!

We love teens, so we are creating a special month just for them! We’re calling it TEEN October, and we’re folding Teen Read Week and Teen Tech Week (which used to happen in March) into one big month-long lollapalooza for teens! Here’s what you can look forward to and did we mention that everything is FREE!?

  • Our libraries will host one or more in-branch programs or Take and Make Kits weekly.
  • Each program will focus on creativity, STEAM, diversity, school success, and helping teens navigate the current world climate in a healthy way.
  • All programs will be super safe, following current state restrictions on large events, social-distancing guidelines, and masks will be required for entry.

TEEN October will definitely grow in the years to come. We anticipate hosting more large events throughout the month of October, which will we model after our other long-running, wildly popular events like Teen Anime Fest and Comic Book Festival.

Teen October Events

Here's just a sample! For more click here.

Teen 'Tober: Taco Earbud Holder - October 10 all day at Spring Valley Library

Teen Take & Make: Create Your Own Comic - October 13 all day at Centennial Hills Library

Teen DIY: Dia de los Muertos Origami - October 21 all day at Windmill Library

Teen 'Tober: Glowstick Spiders - October 25 all day at Spring Valley Library


YA Reading Recommendations:

Teen Novels with Alternate Histories

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What if the murders of Sweeney Todd and the moon-landing never happened? What if girls and women were able to fight in WWII? This list of teen novels contains stories with alternate histories. How cool is that?

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YA for Your Zodiac Sign

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I may not be an expert astrologist, but I'm a pro at copy & pasting spliced quotes from a couple of astrology guides and several book reviews. See what you think of your zodiac pairing.

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YA Is Getting Graphic: Read the Novel, Then the Comic (or Vice Versa)

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Love YA fiction? Love comics? If you said yes to either question, this list is for you. Collected here are books that started as either novels or graphic novels and were then adapted to the other medium. Read a novel and then see it come to life in its graphic adaptation. It can be a lot of fun to find out whether the story has any differences or to see how an artist interprets the characters! Perfect for reluctant readers.

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