A Corporate Spy: Supervivencia

This exhibit at The Studio gallery features new, large, "ferocious urban paintings" by A Corporate Spy.

Artist (non)Statement

I know every Artist has a statement of some kind.

I do not.

I am not going to do one. I have to ask myself, would I have any more insight into the reason for our existence than you do? Billions upon billions of minds inhabit this Earth and have passed through this world before us. I realized years ago most of us are just reinventing the wheel and quoting theories and philosophies of generations before us. True original thought is incredibly rare. How arrogant would I be to state I am completely original?  We all build off of something we have experienced, someone we have met in life and we all create from this. I take the experiences and influences in my life and endeavor to build something ascending mankind further, to take Art to the next generation of creators. I am grateful and often humbled by the people I meet everyday. I am energized by the art humans create, the music they compose, films to ignite the imagination.

Art, Music, Film and Literature, how could we endure a world without this genius."

          --A Corporate Spy


The artist known as A Corporate Spy calls Las Vegas home.

Born in the deep South, it was the unique culture of the struggling industrial steel town of Birmingham, Alabama that first influenced the artist. Biscuits and gravy, fireflies at twilight, southern slang, abandoned steel mills, forgotten kudzu-covered structures, and brick-walled alleys slathered in graffiti all played a part in shaping Spy's mind. The urban life of the inner city and the countless uninhabited structures are the very beginnings of his artistic journey. As a young teenager, Spy and his gang used these dystopian places as canvases to learn how to create imaginative images on the grey and dour surfaces. A fascination with color in these colorless realms planted the first seeds of becoming an Artist. Using this ability to escape reality also gave birth to a potential legacy through a growing imagination.

At the impressionable age of sixteen, Spy followed his mother north. The hustle and bustle of New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore called to an even deeper desire to experience and see more. A Corporate Spy left his mark in the alleys and streets of these intriguing places, soaking up the different styles and diverse cultures of each unique place he landed. Eventually in his early twenties (still very impressionable) and now hosting an insatiable appetite for art and music, the decision was made to move west.

Southern California and Los Angeles had its own allure and magic. Coming from the darker environments of the "Gotham" cities on the East coast, the sunshine, bizarre characters, and colorful culture of LA was more than just inviting; it was home?  Close, but not quite yet. The time spent in Los Angeles helped A Corporate Spy realize the importance of light and color, as well as the lengths to which the human imagination has no bounds if you have the wisdom and courage to free your mind and allow it to do so. The final element to this epiphany was to be found in the mysterious enchantment of the desert, and, quite possibly, the most colorful and bizzare place in the United States: Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas chapter of A Corporate Spy's story is still being written. Vegas, a place where the deepest, darkest depths of mankind are on one end of the spectrum and then ascend to the most imaginative, brilliant, and outrageous creations on the other end. Surrounded by the magic of the desert, Vegas also provides a giant blank canvas. An enormous theater where all you have to do is imagine and visualize your creations, put your hands to them, and bring these creations to life. This is where A Corporate Spy works, creates and continues to write his story.

On exhibit at Sahara West Library from March 3 through May 20, 2023

Reception: Thursday, March 9, 5-7 p.m.

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