Public Comment Policy

  • "Public Comment" will be placed on the Agenda in two locations: 1) after Roll Call for public comment on items listed for discussion on the Agenda and 2) after Announcements and before Adjournment for each Library District's Board of Trustees' Meeting.
  • The public comment period at Library District Board Meetings shall be limited to a maximum of forty-five (45) minutes.
  • Anyone wishing to speak during the meeting must sign-up on the roster provided prior to the public comment period.
  • Remarks by speakers during the public comment period shall be limited to three (3) minutes, each. A speaker may not transfer time to another speaker; although, the Chair has the authority to grant additional time to a speaker.
  • When more than fifteen (15) people wish to comment, the Chair shall proportionately reduce the time allotted to the forty-five minute maximum.

Amended and effective as of June 11, 1998 by the LVCCLD Board of Trustees; amended and effective as of January 8, 2004; amended and effective as of September 8, 2011. 

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