Wi-Fi Printing Help

Printing for Windows

  1. Select your library location from the list of branch. Laptop must be signed into our wireless to access Wi-Fi Printing.
  2. When the dialogue box appears, select the appropriate link.
  3. For a Windows machine click "Run" when the dialogue box shows up at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Windows 10 or Smart Screen will caution you about what you are doing. Click "More Info" and then click "Run anyway" to proceed.
  5. The Print Client will load and the LPT:One Print Client box will appear in your tool bar at the bottom. This box may be minimized until you are finished printing.
  6. Check to see that the new printers appear in your printer control panel.
  7. Print your document to the newly installed default "District" printer, selecting either black & white ($.10/pg) or color ($.50/pg).
  8. Enter you library card number and PIN and click "OK".
  9. Confirm the number of pages to print and select "OK". Funds will not be deducted from your account until you release the print job.
  10. Complete your submission by selecting "OK" and proceed to the print release station at the appropriate branch and release the print job.
  11. When you are finished, close the LPT:One Print Client box; you may see this dialogue box. Select "This program installed correctly".
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