Start the New Year Off Right With Your LVCCLD Library Card!

It's the time of year to reflect on what was, and plan for the New Year! If you're wondering how to start 2019 in a new way, check out these free events throughout January at Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Libraries. 

January 19 at Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center: Udo Erasmus will explain how eight distinct aspects of our nature impact our health during his Total Mastery of Total Health presentation. You'll learn how, in practice, to give each one its due to live a longer, pain-free, and enjoyable life.

January 20 at West Charleston Library: Udo Erasmus will talk about all of the causes of being overweight and how to address and overcome them during Weight Loss Magic

Looking to learn a new skill this year? Get started with our eResources and learn web design and new languages, prep for SAT, GRE and more exams, earn a certificate, craft DIY projects and much more! 

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