Samantha Giddens: Displaced and Disregarded

Displaced and Disregarded is a collection of artworks that advocate for social and environmental change. The collection includes mixed media pieces on canvas, acrylic paint on clear plastic sheets layered in shadowboxes, and a painted skateboard deck. The mixed-media embellishments such as the clear acrylic sheets, embroidery thread, and recycled paper create dimension and provide an eye-catching texture.

Artist Statement

This collection is meant to highlight the topics of conserving the Mojave Desert's native wildlife and addressing the issues of homelessness in Las Vegas. The collection is split into two groups, the Displaced and the Disregarded, both telling the story of struggle, loss, and being disregarded. As houses are being built all around the Las Vegas valley, our native fauna and flora are being pushed out of their homes and forced to find new habitats. Many of these habitats are full of trash, creating unsafe living environments. With the lack of affordable housing in the city, many already displaced and disregarded homeless individuals are resorting to living in unsafe environments such as underground tunnels.

The artwork's surreal backgrounds with abnormal colors are inspired by anime and represent the way I uniquely view the world. The subjects are translucent; representing the idea that if we do not help those in need, they will slowly disappear from existence. The embroidery thread details are a play on the idea that these things are sewn into our environment. The use of acrylic paint on clear acrylic sheets creates a visual display of the many layers of oppressive behaviors that plague our current society. As a local artist, advocate, and educator, I hope this collection will start conversations about conservation and reform by offering a different perspective and advocating for change.

On exhibit at Windmill Library from Apr 30, 2024 through Jul 21, 2024

Reception Tue Apr 30, 2024 from 5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m.

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