Jung Min: Boundaries

This series of mixed media drawings explores the conflict and internal struggles that derive from cultural influences such as social constructs, social media, political ideology, information overload, etc. The current cultural climate has been more divisive than ever and can be overwhelming. This is a distraction from self-discovery. Through my work, I am using my female body and ethnic black hair to create images of extreme discomfort and visual dissonance. The intention is to symbolize an identity, one that is prejudged by gender, ethnicity, and the stereotypes that surround it, becoming so dissonant that it asks the viewer to look inward on their own biases and beliefs to resolve it.

My work is inspired by my experiences of navigating between Eastern and Western cultures. It addresses my awareness of having a female body and the conflicts that arise from cultural expectations. I was born and raised in South Korea during a cultural shift where South Korea was embracing and even glorifying Westernization. Maneuvering between the collision of these two cultures, I am exploring the individual’s existence. I am interested in using my body as a subject to express the state of being an alien to my surroundings.

Through my art, I study my identity, cultural taboos, sexuality, and femininity. I intend to share my personal experience, and respond to my generation’s struggles in navigating throughout this overwhelming feeling of alienation. –Jung Min

On exhibit at Enterprise Library from May 20, 2021 through July 18, 2021

Monday: 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Tuesday: 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Wednesday: 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Thursday: 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Friday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Sunday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM