Parkes Jörd: Abuse of Privilege

Parkes Jörd’s Abuse of Privilege centers attention on the issue of litter, destruction, and recreational shooting on Bureau of Land Management-administered public land. The finely-detailed, black-and-white photographs offer a clear view of the matter at hand.

Artist Statement:

As a conservation photographer I have the honor of creating images of our natural world. My hope is that these images capture the attention of our fellow citizens and inspire them to action. My current project, “Abuse of Privilege” focuses on the actions of a single stakeholder’s effect on our public lands.

Firing range enthusiasts leave their fragmented refuse behind on BLM land just north of Las Vegas. Similarly treated areas of public land have been closed to patrons due to the abuse the land suffers spoiling the area for other stakeholders.

The collection was awarded first place in Photo District News 2018 One Life Competition. A single frame, “Thesaurus” was awarded inclusion in North American Nature Photographers Association Top 250 annual showcase and first place in Nevada Public Radio’s 2019 Focus on Nevada contest.

On exhibit at Centennial Hills Library from January 26, 2021 through April 6, 2021

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