What Is Chance Checking Out? Here’s What the Vegas Golden Knights Mascot Loves About the Library!

When he's not amping up the crowds at Vegas Golden Knights games or visiting with kids throughout the Las Vegas community, Chance the Gila Monster's favorite place is the library. In fact, he was the first in line to pick up the new Vegas Born library card

Unlike most Gila monsters, who live secluded lives hiding in their underground burrows, Chance is curious about the world and loves to learn new things. He enjoys browsing the library for new books, and takes audiobooks with him on the road for away games. He also uses the website to access free music and movies to stream online. 

We asked Las Vegas' favorite hockey-loving lizard to share what he's checking out at the library. In his very first library blog, you'll find something for all ages: from an introduction to his species, to books about his favorite sport. Be sure to check back monthly to see what mischievous Chance is up to!

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