Gypsy Rose Piñata by Justin Favela

Gypsy Rose Piñata is artist Justin Favela’s life-sized piñata recreation of Jesse Valadez’s famed Gypsy Rose lowrider: a 1964 Chevy Impala featuring an ornate floral paint job, velvety pink interior, and premium hydraulics. Deemed "the world's most famous lowrider" by Lowrider Magazine, Gypsy Rose has appeared on national television programs and been displayed in Washington, D.C. on the National Mall. Favela’s piñata version translates the hard, slick, macho qualities of the lowrider into another well-known symbol of Mexican-American culture with more delicate, blocky, and convivial qualities.

Justin Favela is a mixed media artist known for his piñata-inspired, large-scale installations. His work references pop culture, art history, cultural relations, and his own Guatemala-Mexican-American heritage that is rooted in growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Favela holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts with an emphasis on sculpture. He exhibits frequently in Las Vegas, as well as in museums and galleries across the United States including Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Peterson Automotive Museum, and Denver Art Museum. His work is currently touring the UK as part of the exhibit Shonky: The Aesthetics of Awkwardness. Justin is the recipient of the 2018 Alan Turing LGTBIQ Award in the category of International Artist.

October 9, 2018-March 31, 2019

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