DIY @ The Library: Become a Maker with Our Free Online Resources

Whether you're coveting the novel craft ideas on Pinterest and Instagram or admiring creations by artists selling their wares on Etsy, there’s no shortage of DIY projects to inspire the maker in you this spring.

In fact, crafting has become so popular, there’s a primetime TV show called “Making It” that pits makers against one another to create handmade projects. And the month of March has been dubbed National Craft Month!

Makers are having a moment and you can, too. You can rediscover macramé or the art of paper flowers, but whatever your interest, the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District can make your DIY dreams come true.

All you need is your free library card (sign up at to access an eResource called Creativebug, which offers more than 1,000 video classes taught by artists and designers. Just visit and click eResources from the blue drop-down menu, then click on the subcategory of Do-It-Yourself to find comprehensive resources for on-trend arts and crafts. You'll find award-winning HD instructional videos on everything from painting and knitting to sewing and jewelry-making. As easy as getting the tools to whip up a crocheted lace bracelet, your library card gives you unlimited access to downloadable templates, recipes, and patterns from experts.

But Creativebug is not the only DIY resource available on the Library District website. When you visit our online eResource DIY Collection, you will also find a Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center offering a database with detailed "how-to" instructions and creative ideas to satisfy every level of hobby enthusiast — from the casual to the obsessed! Instructions and expertise are provided from leading hobby and craft magazines on interests that range from model building and fantasy football to rock climbing and collecting antiques and vintage dolls.

It's easy to become a do-it-yourselfer on home repair projects with the Home Improvement Reference Center on It’s the definitive online resource for home improvement projects, maintenance, remodeling, electrical work, and much more. Whether it’s replacing a water heater or how to build a gazebo, expert step-by-step instructions with photos and illustrations are available at the click of a button.

With Lawn & Garden Month coming up in April, the Home Improvement Reference Center can also help you tackle that compost bin you’re been threatening to build. Or before the summer heat arrives, maybe it’s time to invest in that xeriscaping project to save on your water bill. Looking for ideas for your next project? You will find hundreds of articles, instructional guides, and how-to videos to make you the envy of your neighbors. 

And remember your FREE library card lets you take advantage of our limitless website resources. This spring, give yourself the satisfaction of bringing your creative vision to life!