Audrey King Lewis: Dogon of Mali-West Africa Exhibition

Audrey King Lewis shares her photographs and artifacts from Mali in West Africa, home of the Dogon people.

Photographers Statement

My three-day journey to Dogon Country in the central plateau region of the country of Mali in the West Africa region was in hopes of locating the Origin of my paranormal experiences.

The Dogon people are traced back over 5,000 years to the ancient Mediterranean cultures of Sumer and Egypt. These ancient civilizations possessed not only great wealth and learning, but also a knowledge dependent on physics and astrophysics, which they claimed was imported to them by visitors from the star Sirius.

The subject of extraterrestrial contacts were speculated by many, but never before has such a detailed theory been formulated from  generations of Dogon ancestry in Mali West Africa, according to Robert Temple, A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

I feel that I have successfully captured the beauty of the Dogon People from the Bandiagara Cliffs of Mali as well as the environment in which they live.

About Audrey King Lewis

Lewis’ career in the arts began at an early age in fashion design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After a few years in London, England she returned to the States and quickly became one of the first Black fashion models for the Sears and Roebuck department stores in Ohio. After an extended stint as a fashion model Lewis created POSE Enterprise, a successful modeling school for people-of-color in an effort to prepare them for the Government approved EEOC ‘Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’ Civil Rights Act. This progression led to many opportunities with Hollywood’s major film studios where she successfully created this full-length award-winning film, The Gifted. Lewis has successfully produced feature film works for Hong Kong China, International award-winning documentaries, and is the author of four fiction novels.

On exhibit at West Las Vegas Library from Apr 4, 2024 through Jun 25, 2024

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